• Connecting Open Culture

    People & Projects

  • What We Do

    Open Connective aims to develop the practice of open pedagogy by connecting open projects, with the right contributors.


    Open projects include projects that produce as open-source software or hardware, open education resources, open data and more.


    We're just getting started, and our current focus is on developing open pedagogical practice with educational institutions. We aim to help dispose of the "disposable assignment" by connecting students to open projects that need the skills that they're learning.

  • Who We Work With

    Open Project Maintainers

    Find Qualified Contributors

    We partner with educational institutions to help you find students who will be assessed by contributing to your project under your supervision. You get prequalified contributors and they get to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a useful way.

    Educational Institutions

    Dispose of the Disposable Assignment

    We'll help you identify and partner with open culture projects (e.g. open source software or hardware; open education resources; etc.) and work with the project maintainers to provide the appropriate level of mentoring to your students.

  • Contact Us

    Get in touch if you're an open/free culture project maintainer or if you're an educator who would like your students to learn by applying their skills to solving real-world problems. Or just to say hello :)